Infra Business are well established in the business for many years & can meet the requirements of our clients in both quantity/quality materials as well as for special items. We supply all kinds of pipes,pipe fittings, valves, flanges iron + steel,ferrous + non ferrous metals,mill stones, hardwares,Welded Wire Mesh & Chain link Fencing , paints, welding goods,safety items,wire ropes with all accessories. We also stock and supply Valves, Pipes, Fittings. Our achievements have been pasteurized by meeting our commitments and maintaining the highest standards of quality for our valued clientele of Private, Public, Government, Semi Government Institutions & Project Works.

Quality is our primary focus, and as always we have strived to search and supply quality products for all budgets and specifications. Our Quality Policy is to receive and provide goods and services, maintaining quality at all times. Moving into the age of a 'Buyers Market', Customer Satisfaction and Service are areas we have well established and continue pursuing.